🌷 Aloha and Welcome to my website 🌷

This is one of several sites I have created in order to do my thing (as guided) both on and offline. On this site, you’ll find a few of the things I love about life, the universe and everything:


 Counselling, teaching & parenting Oneness

 Academic papers on everything from art therapy to rocket science

 Beautiful design for web courses, books, journals & cards

 My favourite product launches and marketing campaigns 

 Writing, writing and more writing

 Recordings, tutorials and live events on HeartAlchemy© 



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Hi! I’m Melanie

I am just an ordinary person doing what I feel to be my responsibility (and not doing what I consider to be beyond my purview). Simply put, I do what I’m told – which looks like:

  • Counselling those who feel like they don’t fit,
  • Creating online programmes for activists/parents/empaths, and
  • Re-writing the masters for those who trust there is an alternative to the problem-solution matrix.

Why do I do this? Like I said, I do what I’m told. I stay present to the moment as unknowable, and allow my instructions to present themselves. I have no agenda or vision to work toward as each now presents it’s own process. All I do is allow, allow allow.



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Question: what would it be if it wasn’t a problem?

Wouldn’t that be nice. To have an entirely present experience. To be here and now (and not living in the land of “if only…”). Except for the apparent paradox of wanting to be where you no longer want to be elsewhere. Hmmm. So how does oneness really work?

I’m so glad you asked! Here on my website, you’ll find:

scribeDiscussions on oneness and the problem-solution matrix from the perspective of inclusive awareness (rather than idealism) .

scribeQuestions to ponder our Living Master-ness exactly as we are (even when that feels-seems unbearably circular and unhelpful).

scribeReviews ruminating what’s on offer in the world of Mindfulness, Ethical Business models and Personal Growth.

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There’s a temptation to fly off the handle when one believes we’re talking about making it okay to torture or betray. That’s not what this is about.

Non-judgement and permissiveness are not the same thing. For those of us curious about how to be with every situation, every person, and every experience in oneness, the concept of right and wrong is of great interest!





I know it sounds crazy but when one truly operates without problems and solutions then one has no assessment of what’s going on. Instead our interest is one of curiosity and surrender.

It’s understandable that one assume the no good and bad perspective-reality to be passive. But that’s not what no good and bad is about.





This one is a real doozy! One can get really bent out of shape over this one. The idea that there could be no better (or worse) way of being in the world, or that there is no better outcome to be working toward, just seems preposterous. But it’s not about saying what we have is never going to change, in fact it’s almost the complete opposite!