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Pulling Worms Out of My Cheek

July 28, 2017

Last night I had this dream. It started by spotting a blackhead on my left cheek (in the mirror?) Squeezing it a worm-like thing started to be extracted from my face. A long, multicoloured thin worm-like thing whose tail poked out the other side of my face.

Then there was another extracted from my forehead; a smaller, shorter worm-like wriggling, brown-to-beige multicoloured thing. It wasn’t upsetting. I didn’t feel panic or disgust. It was a little unexpected to start with but as soon as I was pulling, my focus was on pulling it out in one piece not on figuring out why or making it a problem.

There was also a section of the dream my face was phasing in and out of different realities or versions of reality. As if I existed in two different physics at once and could move between them at will or as beckoned.

You can look up the meaning of worms in dreams here: worms dream meaning

I am more inclined to treat the imagery-experience in a Guattari-Jungian fashion i.e., by allowing the dream to make itself meaningful according to my own (culturally significant?) reading.


The first thing that comes to me is about being a speaker. Something about revealing an unexpected truth from a place previously understood to be a black mark we believed needed to be removed that can now be re-examined as fascinating! The worm-like thing did not feel as if it needed to be removed for my safety or that it did not belong. I was more intent upon being able to see it in its wholeness and I was careful not to damage it in any way.

Examining the hole it left inside my cheek I saw small white living things of various shapes, like white blood cells or immune bacteria. I chose to remove them as well. Again, not because their presence did me any harm but simply out of curiosity. As I feel-think about it now, I understand this might be about the re-examination of a biomedical analysis (and aetiology) of human health to include a wider (?) more inclusive perspective of what’s going on. Something I am no doubt going to be speaking about soon.

After examining the inside of my cheek, I found another worm-like creature making its way out of my forehead. It was as if I could see the inside and outside simultaneously without having to break any barrier (skull bone) or even make contact with the small wriggly thing worming its way out to greet me. The same way ideas/notions and explanations need to come out where we can recognise them before they take shape even though they have been there the whole time.


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Melanie Brockwell

I offer readings of life's raw experience by way of symbolic interpretation. My passion is caring for (and adding to) our animal rescue family.

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