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Brief History and Overview of Heart Alchemy

March 3, 2017

Enjoy this 50 minute presentation filmed in December 2015 as a brief overview of Heart Alchemy.

The Heart Alchemy Brief

Ultimately, I was trying to lay out what Heart Alchemy is for myself as much for the viewer. I wanted to give an in depth picture of the experience one has when first encountering a cosmology of oneness. The process of self-discovery and awareness. Something that is not easy to explain since language in general is so action oriented and outcome focused – two things you won’t find in this cosmology.

  • Ask “but why?” and your TRUTH is self-evident in the experience (or feeling) you have when then information is revealed.
  • See experience as inseparable from the story (or perspective), and then ask, “why is experience?”
  • Study sense perception to discover how we take-in information and filter it electro-chemically to have an experience, and then ask, “how does cognition and memory function?”.
  • Review brain function and ask, “what role do cultural and perceptual biases play in our reality of our experience?”
  • Ask, “if we can’t know the world without bias, then what can we do?”
  • And if we can’t understand without bias then how do we know anything about the world – physics et cetera? Which brings us to the question of consciousness i.e. what is it? what is it’s function? how can we know it? how can we know that we know?
  • Separating the brain from the body from the animating force is a means of knowing truth as a fixed point from which to navigate this and every moment. But it is not the only way to be.

>> Watch a full-length session with a client

No Direct Perception

What is the truth of our experience in a world where we do not possess the instrumentation to measure and detect our experiences in any direct way? Each of us have our own assumptions about this; our story of what’s really going on – our cosmology.

  • Your explanation of what’s going on will change your brain chemicals, your physical pain level, and your bodies cellular structure, your parasympathetic responses, and much much more.
  • Brain chemicals will change the kind of explanation we use to describe what’s going on. For example, in a lot of pain when we’re tired and hungry, we might focus on the story that claims ‘such-and-such betrayed me’ whereas with exactly the same conditions, after a meditation, we might focus on the now with the explanation that ‘we are all doing what we can with what we have’.
  • Before we receive data from the universe, our heart has a reaction. Then the whole brain processes what data to include, what to exclude and what to do with the included and excluded data. In other words, perceptual bias is not just a filter system of objective data. It’s the way we function and perceive everything!

>> Watch the neuroplasticity documentary



Knee Reconstruction

Rupert Sheldrake


Norman Doidge Neurplasticity

Philippe Goldin Mindfulness:



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