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It’s lovely to meet you here in this virtual space where we can chat about oneness as a lived experience rather than as a goal, outcome, or remedy. Feel free to browse, and when you’re ready book a session.

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Why I’m Writing About Oneness

The only stories on the Internet about Oneness these days are the ones telling us to work together in order to create one world with one heart and one mind. Oneness is rarely spoken about in terms of what is already present.

I created this site to talk about my Oneness Experience not as a goal, not as a practice or set of rules that lead me toward better outcomes, but as an everyday-ness.


Everyday Oneness

This everyday-ness of a oneness experience, goes by many names. Allowing. Surrender. Emptiness. Compassion.  Names that have been bastardised and commercialised up the yin-yang. Names that have been fetishised and fantasised until we no longer recognise ourselves in the picture. Which is perfect.

After all, i’m not here to bring down the ways other people do oneness. I’m simply here to share my perspective, or should that be perspectives? You see, I was born with an interesting set of instructions. That is, I was born with more than one soul or purpose, however you want to understand that.


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This Site Is Just For Me

Here on this site you’ll find all the usual stuff, including:

>> Reviews

>> Confessions

>> Invitations

…as well as some not so usual stuff, such as:

>> Live Group Sessions

>> Oneness ReMastered Recordings

>> Pre-Publication Book Access


But It’s Really Just:

>> Somewhere For Me To Write UnScripted (+ Uncensored)
>> Somewhere For Me To Post My Not-So-Daily Diary
>> Somewhere For Me To Make Notes About Books + Movies I Enjoy!
>> Somewhere For Me To Put Paragraphs That Don’t Yet Fit Anywhere Else
>> Somewhere For Me To Collect Images, Ideas + Projects That I Like


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HAPPYish on Stan

Imitation Game movie

Breaking Bad

Underground TV Show


Amarna Sunset by Aiden Dodson

the Revolution of Peter the Great by James Cracraft

The Making of a Rag Doll by Jess Brown

After the Prophet by Lesley Hazleton