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Problem Solution Paradigm according to Heart Alchemy

March 3, 2017

Watch this 5:35 minute video from January 2016 about how Heart Alchemy© is constantly deferring back to YOUR WISDOM + YOUR TRUTH, rather than claiming to know something (about you or the world) that you don’t know. HINT: it includes a way to be with ‘what is’ without the problem solution paradigm.

Explaining the inexplicable.

One Field Physics & the Problem-Solution Paradigm

>> A full-length video on the ideas behind Heart Alchemy©

The problem solution paradigm

Okay, this is crazy right? Who has no problems? Isn’t it impossible to live in the real world and not experience some kind of challenge or opportunity for growth? Even if you only focus on the good, you still live in a world where bad exists, right? Except that’s not what no polarities is about.

It’s about accepting the fact that other people adopt the problem solution paradigm as part of their wholeness which is sacred. Acknowledging that YOU don’t need to divide things into problem solution descriptions. And seeing what’s going on as something other than a problem or solution, by allowing ‘what is’ to be on purpose.

No polarities

What is this no polarities thing? Well, it’s about seeing-knowing the world without good-bad judgements that allows you to just be; allows you to just be here, now without assessing ‘what is’.

It’s about having no polarities to begin with! In a cosmology (or a way of being/seeing/knowing/doing) that recognises everyone and everything as one spectrum of equal light, of equal value and equal purpose which exists as a function of the whole, one cannot be separated into layers and poles.

No frills

As you can see, I don’t set up studio lights or even write a script. This is just me talking about what I’m told to say in this moment. Most of the time I don’t even do the basic grooming required for appearing on video (is it terrible to admit that I don’t even own a hairbrush?) I choose to spend ALL my time and energy following instructions – what you might call intuition or logic but what occurs to me in every moment as everyone and everything going on.

Just watch!



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Melanie Brockwell

I offer readings of life's raw experience by way of symbolic interpretation. My passion is caring for (and adding to) our animal rescue family.

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