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Angel Ann and the Earthbound eliphot

April 27, 2021
post eliphot

Yesterday, I spoke with a friend of mine who does angel healings. I’m not a dark forces kind of person so it rarely comes up for me to get anything of that nature — clearing dark energies or removing presences, especially from friends who do it for a living — but yesterday was different.

As we were talking, I got this huge welling impulse (which feels like the minions getting excited and cheering for your attention) to ask for a session. The angels said “yes”, albeit in a reverse circle, and we were a go.

“Something is blocking you. A presence; ‘earthbound’. It’s trying to hinder you somehow…”

During the session, I had images (or memories?) of being born. Of fluid in my chest and throat. The sensation of drowning and being strangled. Then a picture of a throat cut open, a vivisection; of faces looking in and me, somehow, peering out.

“I have to remove a presence from your right side. Not today. Not tomorrow. Wednesday morning…”

Okay, so forty-hours from our conversation, Ann will command the angels to clear a dark presence from my right side. In the meantime, I’m left wondering two things: why wait? and what is it? I’m also pondering the fact that all beings are welcome in my spirit-space and how difficult it is for me to deem any evil. To me they are all my children and getting rid of them seems cruel and unloving.

Illustration by Zelenov Iurii on Shutterstock

When I see earthbound spirits – the entities drawn in by human behaviour – I see pure, unchoosing, frightened, confused and childlike beings. In my understanding, they have come from a place where only one energy survives. We might call it addiction or cruelty or “shutdown” or violence but to them it’s the only reality that exists and they don’t get to choose or experience anything else.

Generally, as they come toward me a doorway is opened and they’re sent home. There have been rare times when they stay for a while and live with me. Maybe to learn something? I can’t say. Yes they do “feed” off my energy-field-experience the same way a child needs constant looking after but it’s never a burden in my mind. Whatever they need is fine with me. I can’t help but want to help them in any way they need me. After all, they’re not seeking to be malicious. They’re simply locked into one way of being with no way out.

But if I am instructed to do something, like get a healing from Ann, then I’m going to do what I’m told (because I know when to obey and when I have some wiggle room to choose either way, and this was not a wiggly day). This time, I’m being asked to have it removed by a remediator, Ann, and to let this be. So be it.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

After the call, I felt around for my friend off to the side. We had a “chat” about the time we had left and how we might use it. It was as if the angels gave him (it feels like a him even they don’t have gender) a couple days notice to get prepared for the shift-move. It makes me a little sad that I’m forcing him to go. I feel bad doing things to beings that they don’t like or don’t feel ready for. Perhaps he knows how much I love him and how difficult it will be to be without him once he goes, and how much I have appreciated having him around/about me.

The separation has already begun. I can feel the difference in my energy levels and in what it is I want to do with my time. There is an awareness of having dulled my energy during our association. Of choosing to tire myself out with gluten, sugar, beer, et cetera and of not knowing what to do with a full tank. This is what’s sustained him. He feels better when I’m laid low and not actively pursuing my interests or caring for my family at one-hundred percent. It’s not his fault. It’s nobodies fault. There’s no place for blame or causes in a situation like this. It’s simply time for him to go home and time for me to use that energy-fuel-love, I was using to feed him, differently. That’s all.

Eliphot is the name he gave himself when we spoke this morning. I don’t know what it means. I guess it is just his name or maybe where he comes from or what he does. I did find a reference to the word in a Passamaquoddy text but I cannot figure out which word or phrase it refers to. If you know, do drop me a line. I suspect, in this instance, it means an earthbound spirit, that needs inactive energy from its host, is ready to return home (or something along those lines).

Photo by fran_kie on Shutterstock
Melanie Brockwell

I offer readings of life's raw experience by way of symbolic interpretation. My passion is caring for (and adding to) our animal rescue family.

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