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Blossoming in Sacred Space

March 7, 2022

That’s the name of my divine coordinate — blossoming in sacred space.

It isn’t a big surprise, really. I’m always (always? often??) looking to make beautiful wherever I am, with whomever I’m with. And if I can’t do that, I leave. Or I walk away from the plan in some way — burning bridges, mostly.

So, when I signed up with Ronda (Renée Wada of Divine Navigation) to finally do my coordinates, it naturally led to a whole new perspective on who I am the way I am for why. And it’s been a ride!

Not any more of a ride than usual. Just different.

Differently wired into the fabric of now, even though nothing much else has changed about who I am the way I operate at the core. I guess that’s the thing, right? That I can continue to operate as I am, as I do, in the world but not of the world, all whilst I’m partaking in somebody else’s program. And not get lost.

The fact I don’t have to translate a lot of the material into my cosmology is helpful, too.

Being on this ride with Ronda has brought up all manner of “stuff” for me to examine and put into language — and that’s the important part of this conversation: what I’ve been able to do. What I’ve been doing on this ride is putting my “stuff” into language. Something I haven’t been able to do thus far in life without referring to someone else’s research or work or idea(l)s or philosophy.

Being capable of wordling on my-self, for my-self is magical!

But it’s only part of what’s happening. Here I am, on this post, dribbling on, not quite sure where I want to take this and that’s okay. I know I have pages of coherent work to upload at some point. When the time has come. When I’m ready. This post doesn’t have to be anything other than what it is right now, for now is all there is.

Giving my-self the space to breathe, to make noise and take up space, to be wherever I am and knowing there’s a way back to an experience of now that’s highly ordered and desirable; that’s worth it. That’s almost everything.

Melanie Brockwell

I offer readings of life's raw experience by way of symbolic interpretation. My passion is caring for (and adding to) our animal rescue family.

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