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Storm Dragon

April 23, 2022

The storm dragon took me out for a day or two.

It was pretty rough there, for a bit. Once the rain fell early last night I could feel my-self embodied again but until then it was way out of sync.

Since I’ve been doing this Divine Navigation thing, I’ve wondered if the storm dragon episodes might cease or at least decrease but that hasn’t been the case. With each wave of activation, I experience a fresh wielding of the sword of dragon bone crystals — a petrified stone spine of scales, protruding like that of a stegosaurus, that marks the line down my back and appears as a signal to me that I am connected well and truly to something greater and more power-full than I can imagine.

It comes with particular kinds of weather. It comes also with certain events beyond that which can be known by human eyes. But mostly I feel it when it eases while the storm breaks. Then I come back to neutral.

I have often wondered how fortunate people are to be only affected by that which can be known. How wonderful it must be to have a system that simple analysis can even out; to wake up each day on an even keel and know that all you have to do is play the psychodynamic game of self-awareness. But then I remember how boring that would be for me, and I return to the business of being me.

Since I’m looking to reBrand and rejuvenate my biz-Life, while activating and mastering my divine coordinates, it’s any wonder I spend so much time (and energy-awareness) in this phase of alignment. This phase of getting-to-know my-self differently, as I head back down the mountain and take up new pathtools of knowledge, is/has been quite a ride. Beside me sits several small piles of papers and notes waiting to be organised into a story about how all this has come about for me; how all this has taken place and rolled out or unfurled one long tongue, a landscape anew, a spoken vision revisioning as it glitches like light into being.

Anyway, I thought I would be sharing this part of my adventure out loud as it happens in the groups I’m connected with, Divine Navigation and the Resonance Institute, and with people I’m close to but so far that’s not true. Except for Holmes, my husband. He’s still the one person who gets to experience everything I’m going through. // Such a strange term, “going through”. I can’t quite figure it. // He even gets to advise me on all matters I’m ready to inquire into. No other human gets to do that in my life.

So, here I am, not knowing. Not knowing what comes next. Not knowing what to call my biz or my-self. Not knowing how to (re)present what I’m going through; at least as a function of my Abilities, especially things such as the storm dragon but also other possibilities such as Metasen and Light Circle Being. And, then, not knowing which want to follow (now that I am exploring wants outside of duty). None of which is unusual. None of which takes me outside of my-self. Not in the way one might expect.

It’s more like an expansion-explosion of experience-mystery, travelling out into the feathery fronds of ein sof. ohr (except maybe that in my understanding-vision I see feathery fronds of light that become finer and finer still, reaching into no-thing and filling up all the space possible until there is only one, so that travelling along any frond from any point can only lead to one). No matter where I seem (to be) or how I appear (to be), it’s all just a feathery frond-ness of light travelling through itself, and the stories I tell about that are part of its exploration.

That’s how this latest change makes sense to me.

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Melanie Brockwell

I offer readings of life's raw experience by way of symbolic interpretation. My passion is caring for (and adding to) our animal rescue family.

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