Admittedly, I was on drugs (painkillers) today but/and yet talking > to people I love > about what’s going on for me > in a language that makes sense to my cosmology, was all it took to fill me with happy energy otherwise called JOY!

I know “they” say, all you have to do is what comes naturally (to you) and there is a place for you in the world willing to pay for your uniqueness; AND that all those who discover gold at the end of the rainbow tell the same story β†’ I would never have thought people wanted that from me. It’s so simple! It’s almost not work at all

But when you’re doing it, in the now, without any sense of outcomes i.e., without any sense of how this is going to pay the bills/put you on the map/solve all your “problems”, it’s strange. Eerily righteous, even.

Not in that, I’m so much better than you, way. Just as a feeling of being exactly where you’re meant to be according to all the versions of Reality.

I know/accept/trust we are all exactly where we are right now, in each and every now, for a reason. I know there are no exceptions to that. It’s just “strange” to be in a place (?… that’s not quite how to describe it) where everyone else accepts that too.

I get so used to people interpreting what’s going on as frustrations about something someone did or as a sickness that can be healed, that I forget what it’s like to be in a place (there I go again with the “place” metaphor) where others accept the wholeness of what is sacred the way I do.