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The Rearrangement of Things

November 21, 2016

There is something to be said for the re-arrangement of things. As if all that we know or have has been with us, no matter what, throughout the ages only found in a different form, under a new name, via another experience.

And our big concepts of law and life attempt to structure ‘what is’ into change over time and space, to compare culture and to divide belief/religions, when all that we are can be known as a rearrangement of things.

The way we farm and grow crops, for example, can be labelled wild or seasonal or industrial or hydroponic. All the while an observer might focus instead on the variety of ways it employs people, uses land and creates opportunities for activists to find purpose… for grandmothers to make jam… for Italians to grow heritage tomatoes in their backyard which inspires neighbourhoods to build a garden and get to know one another, incidentally.

The diversity of ways one can focus on what else is going on is almost an unknowable number. It is an unending thread that leads us around the world and back again as all genders, in all times, under all conditions. Such is the nature of oneness rearranging itself to be everyone and everything that can be known-thought-believed-argued or created in the “minds” of those to whom death is a thing that must be endured to allow for living to exist in a physics where what goes up must come down in all places except those where it doesn’t.

A rearrangement that allows for pain and suffering, if that’s what it needs to be called in comparison to the acceptable and desirable notions of what life “should” be like, all things being equal (when they’re not).

A rearrangement of things which sees ‘what is’ through “angel” eyes even though it understands there is no seeing or being or knowing separate from anything else (where there are no “things” to speak of).

A rearrangement of things that includes and explores an unending diversity of ways to be, to simply be, from all perspective points on the spectrum that is wholeness. Including how we make sense of that as a judgement of what could be better, of what is most urgent, and best of all, what is – generally approached as a conversation about what’s really going on.

A clarity that illuminates one perspective point as if it was complete, and asks us to compare OR integrate OR change OR adapt and appropriate OR ignore and replace the clarity visible from another perspective point, as if they were separate, actual points taking up space in a larger “knowable” truth that’s helping us to see clearer images of what’s possible in the problem-solution matrix filling the world with a honeycomb possibility of drone effectiveness c/o the “tipping-point” philosophy of impact on one another in an external where God is a source to be drawn upon from that place that’s not contaminated with human-ness or polarity or ignorance of self as God.

…which is a rearrangement of things.

Melanie Brockwell

I work with human trauma. My passion is caring for (and adding to) our animal rescue family.

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